Developing the Operating Room of Tomorrow

Developing the Operating Room of Tomorrow


Nordic Medical Supply - NMS  - has received a grant of 3,5 million DKK (equivalent to 470.000 EUR) from the Danish Business and Innovation Fund to develop a revolutionary dispense system for lamps and other life essential equipment to be used in operation rooms.

The system - which is based on a system of motion-enabling, suspended rails - will ease the work load for nurses operating heavy equipment in awkward positions. Also, it will improve conditions for the cleaning and preparation of the Operating Room - all to the benefit of the patients. As part of the project a new and lighter lamp will also be developed.

The system is set to be tested at Odense University Hospital, and the project was deemed by the evaluator to be “one of the most innovative approaches to equipping the OR” she had seen for many years.

Innovayt helped prepare the proposal on behalf of NMS, Odense University Hospital and two other partners.