Another 7 Innovayt Clients Funded by the H2020 SME Instrument

Another 7 Innovayt Clients Funded by the H2020 SME Instrument


The results from the third evaluation cut-off of the main European research funding programme for SMEs – the dedicated SME instrument under Horizon 2020 – have been published by EASME. Once again, Innovayt and our SME clients were extraordinarily successful with several winning submission for both phase 1 and phase 2 projects for the programme, which is often dubbed the “European SME Innovation Champions League”.

Innovayt assisted with the development and presentation of 13 proposals for the call. 10 phase 1 - and 3 for phase 2. A total of 7 proposals were retained for funding, 5 phase 1 projects - for the elaboration of feasibility studies and elaborated business plans - and two projects for phase 2, which cover full market maturation and demonstration projects with budgets exceeding 1 million EUR.

The following puts this achievement and success rate in perspective:

The December call received 629 proposals for Phase 2 of which 74 were selected for funding (11,7%). For the same call, 2363 SMEs applied for Phase I projects, and 259 were selected for funding (10,9%). 

Denmark had a total of 9 SMEs funded for the call. More than half or 5 of these were Innovayt clients.

The 7 promising and highly capable SMEs will be proving the feasibility and demonstrating innovative technologies and services across technology areas, including intelligent robotics for road maintenance; innovative farming concepts; renewable energy demonstration; sanitation for off-grid applications; POC diagnostics. 

We will post news on the individual projects and share the promoters’ experiences with the application processes on our web site in the coming weeks.

For more information, contact Thomas Knudsen