Advanced Battery Management System

Advanced Battery Management System


The ICAB project will develop a new battery management system (BMS) for large scale lithium-ion battery packs, targeted primarily at electromobility applications. Specifically, the project wants to develop an innovative integrated circuit for performing advanced battery management, at lowered cost of production, which enables improved reliability, efficiency and safety compared with currently available BMS solutions.

Innovayt has assisted the consortium throughout the development and writing of the successful proposal that will receive a grant of around €1,2 million.

Lars Barkler, Chief Executive Officer of Lithium Balance states: “ Due to the assistance from Innovayt, this application was an order of magnitude better than anything we could have done on our own. They are a pleasure to work with, and always highly qualified and supportive throughout the entire process – suggesting the right program, identifying qualified partners, writing application and preparing us for the negotiation. I can only recommend Innovayt to anyone else with heartfelt appreciation.”

For more information contact Marta Gonçalves.