Investment and credit instruments

In addition to grant programmes, an increasing number of opportunities for obtaining funding through founder-friendly equity investment, loans and guarantees are emerging to support innovative companies. Among the most frequently used are instruments from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EIC Accelerator (blended finance option), and various national bodies like the Danish Growth Fund.

Also, tax incentives may exist to help you sustain your current and future investments in R&D.

Innovayt is here to help you fully exploit such opportunities through the following services, taking you all the way from idea to finalized investment agreement.

  • We screen available possibilities and direct you towards the optimal loan, credit or equity facility
  • We prepare and submit applications to public and institutional lenders, including business plans, extended financial information, etc.
  • We assist in due-diligence and negotiations and closure of terms sheets with equity investors in order to achieve best possible terms for the client
  • We assist in negotiations with lenders and credit issuers, including on types and conditions of credit, interest rates, re-payment schedules, etc.
  • We implement ‘blended finance’ strategies through combinations of grants and credit or through integrated instruments like the EIC Accelerator, combining grant with equity investment
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