Green Development and Demonstration Programme

GUDP is a Danish funding program, which supports development and production in the Danish food industry through co-funding of Development and Demonstration projects with a view to commercialisation of promising technologies having high market potential as well as positive environmental effects.

Funding applications can be targeted at the following activities:
  • Development –  of new technologies, prototypes and completion of necessary tests under practical condition
  • Applied research – when necessary to achieve development and demonstration objectives
  • Demonstration activities – aimed at spreading knowledge about use of research and/or development activities
Commercial opportunities
GUDP provides funding for ambitious business-oriented innovation, preferably involving SMEs and companies, but also research institutions. The target of projects should be commercialisation of project results from the participating partners.
Funding available
Funding from GUDP is granted according to actual costs incurred in the project, including personnel effort, overhead, subcontracting, and materials. Companies typically receive 50% reimbursement. For Development and Demonstration projects, GUDP typically funds projects having total budgets between DKK 500,000 and DKK 20 million. Project duration is maximum 4 years.
Type of activities: R&D, Demonstration
GUDP gives priority to projects focusing on the dynamics and interaction between sustainability, efficiency and value adding.
Proposals are evaluated according to criteria stressing the environmental contribution as well as clear and specific economic impact for the applying partners as well as for society at large.

Special requirements: An application is evaluated according to 8 criteria concerning sustainability, efficiency and value adding. The applicant should describe, systematically, how the project will contribute to improvements for each of these.

Upcoming deadlines for GUDP

Call Topic
GUDP submission round 2 2019
Type of activity
Development, Demonstration

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