The EUROSTARS programme – organised by EUREKA - supports research intensive SMEs in implementing their own commercially driven R&D projects in international consortia.

In a EUROSTARS project, a minimum of 2 partners from different EUREKA member states work jointly to develop a new technology or a new product. The programme is targeted at SME-driven projects having high market potential and real technical barriers. Calls are open to all technological fields.

Funding applications can be targeted at:
  • The development of innovative products, processes or services with a view to market launch no later than 2 years post-project.
Commercial opportunities
EUROSTARS co-funds in-house R&D activities undertaken by R&D intensive SMEs, thus leading to accelerated product development and enhancing European SME competitiveness.
Funding available
Whereas no formal limits are imposed on overall grant sizes, EUROSTARS works as a joint programme, so national rules apply to participants from a given member state. For example, Danish SMEs may obtain a funding rate of 60 percent, with an hourly rate of 750 DKK, with a maximum requested contribution for Danish partners in a given project of 300.000 EUR, or all-in-all 500.000 EUR if more than 1 Danish partners.

Maximum duration of a EUROSTARS project is 3 years.

Type of activity: R&D

In EUROSTARS proposals, at least 2 partners from 2 different EUREKA member states need to participate. Of these, at least 1 should be a research-intensive SME, having at least 10% of its employees or budget dedicated to R&D. The research-intensive SME(s) must take up minimum 50 percent of the project budget.                             
For evaluation and funding decision, each application is collectively reviewed and ranked by an Independent Evaluation Panel. Key evaluation criteria include:
  • Basic Assessment: Partnership, participants and project structure. The quality of the project plan and the capabilities of the participants in relation to their tasks.
  • Technology and Innovation: The project must involve research and development and a clear advance in technology.
  • Market and CompetitivenessThe market targeted, the profitability of the project results and the competitive advantages foreseen for the participants involved.

Upcoming deadlines for EUROSTARS

SME // Large Enterprises // Public sector
Call Topic
Research Intensive SME's - Technology and product development
Type of activity
R&D, Collaboration, Innovation