Client: IDEX ASA

The Norwegian company IDEX ASA develops and delivers world leading fingerprint sensor technology, products and authentication solutions, and aims to ensure safe, secure and simple use of personal ID.

By using materials other than silicon for the fingerprint sensor, the Norwegian company offers increased performance and ease for integration at reduce costs. The fingerprint reader is polymer based, and can therefore easily be adapted to curved surfaces.IDEX has also developed a special software that allows running on very simple microcontrollers in a resource-poor environment.

eGo™ offers a vast horizon of new intuitive applications, making user interfaces as simple as possible. eGo™ is prototyped, integrated in several form factors in miniaturized system (System In Package) for new sensors, new batteries, ultra-low power transmitters for intrabody communication (via a natural connector: human skin), a highly secure micro controller comparable to those embedded in smart cards, a large data storage capacity and a high performance, high-speed wireless (Ultra Wide Band) transmitters. Embedded software, including JavaCard technology and secure remote management (Trusted Service Management) for managing services will also be integrated.

Innovayt helped IDEX in securing a grant for the project of 526.000 EUR from the Norwegian VERDIKT program. The funding also secured IDEX’s participation in the European eGo™ project on the Internet of Things.



"We appreciate this financial support and it is very inspiring that The Research Council of Norway recognizes and trusts that IDEX technology has potential for value creation in the Norwegian IT industry. Innovayt played an instrumental role in converting our idea into a winning proposal for the VERDIKT program”.

Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO of IDEX 


The challenge

IDEX’s challenge was to enable very intuitive and simple applications where a finger touch opens a personalized object. The primary R&D challenge was to develop an ultra-thin flexible fingerprint swipe unit and algorithms to enable smart card integration compatibility with standards.

The result

IDEX’s project was 1 of only 7 projects to receive funding from more than 40 VERDIKT applications – a testament to the high level of innovation and technological development present in the project as well as to Innovayt’s competencies in writing well structured grants applications.


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