i-Generator – QMUL

i-Generator – QMUL

Client: Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK's top universities, committed to high-quality teaching and research, and ranked 9th among multi-faculty institutions in the latest (2014) Research Excellence Framework (REF). A total of 154 institutions submitted to the REF. 

In 2012, Innovayt signed a framework contract agreement with QMUL in order to strengthen the university's access to and acquisition of external research funding from the European Union. Innovayt assists researchers with developing high-quality research projects and EU funding proposals across scientific and technological domains.

The service packages offered to researchers at QMUL include technical validation; reviews and preparation/drafting of EU funding proposal; sparring on structure, content and presentation of proposals; as well as advice on consortia and budgets.

Since September 2012, Innovayt has assisted QMUL with the preparation and submission of more than 25 project proposals and ideas across a diversity of programmes and instruments – including the European Research Council and most sub-programmes under the 7th Framework Programme, as well as Horizon 2020. 


“We have received from Innovayt high quality, expert advice and support with regards to the review and critique of draft proposals that has resulted in the improvement of the structure and content of proposals prior to submission.  Academics have benefitted from a swift response and clear guidance from the consultants in relation to the call deadlines and this support has resulted in the development of more competitive proposals.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Innovayt to others looking for similar proposal review support services.”

Vicky Byers, EU Section Manager, at the QMUL Joint Research Management Office

The challenge

To optimize the quality of EU research proposals submitted by QMUL – and ultimately to improve the overall performance and EU funding captured.

The result

Support has been delivered to more than 25 research proposals, coordinated by QMUL. The quality of the support services delivered by Innovayt has been highly rated by the research groups, and a high proportion of proposals have been retained for funding.


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