i-Generator LM

i-Generator LM

Client: LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power is the World’s leading producer of wind turbine blades, with a significant R&D organisation and dedicated R&D resources in-house. During its more than 70-year lifetime, LM has excelled in innovation, starting out with furniture production, later moving on to caravan and boat building based on glass fibre, and from the late 1970s and onwards focusing on wind turbine blade production, growing into its current position as a global market leader.

Given its profile and background, LM is well positioned to benefit from grant financing and external partnering for R&D activities. Therefore, LM has worked with Innovayt on the implementation of the LM i-Generator as an overall framework for optimising LM’s work with external partnering and funding opportunities. Focus has been on systematic intelligence on funding opportunities for LM and on funding application writing. In addition, Innovayt has held regular talks with LM management on funding opportunities and has assisted LM in building internal processes for new innovation ideas.

The i-Generator has generated impressive results, providing LM access to significant cash funding for projects as well as access to leading European networks in the wind power area. In recent years, LM Wind Power has won grant financing from the EU and the Danish Innovation Fund for a number of major R&D projects developing new and groundbreaking blade technology. 


“In recent years, we have used Innovayt on a regular basis to provide us with upcoming funding opportunities, and for drafting more than 10 funding applications. We have had a very high success rate from these applications, and overall we have clearly managed to raise our innovation levels due to Innovayt’s involvement“

- John Korsgaard, Director, LM Wind Power


The challenge

For a large multinational, R&D active company such as LM Wind Power, a key challenge is to continuously stay alert of upcoming funding and partnering opportunities for R&D projects, and to feed such opportunities into the company’s innovation strategy in the best possible way.

The result

With the help of the iGenerator, LM has managed to economise on resources and optimise opportunities for their R&D work. Through the i-Generator, LM has generated substantial funds for R&D projects, as well as a number of beneficial partnerships with universities and other companies.


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