Drone Protection Technology

Horizon 2020 – SME-instrument: My Defence

Client: My Defence

MyDefence is specialized in providing advanced wireless solutions for better safety, privacy and security. MyDefence develops mission-critical communication solutions for public authorities, military commanders, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, humanitarian organizations and civilian companies.

MyDefence is developing a Drone ID Tag, a lightweight low-power solution that can be implemented in commercially available drones, allowing aviation authorities, law enforcement agencies and national police forces to monitor all legal drone activity on a live feed on their phone or laptop. DAPS – Drone Alarm and Protection System is a scalable, networked system with hardware and embedded software algorithms coupled to a graphical user interface. The system is able to detect and identify illegal drones around secure areas, and to jam devices in a specific wireless frequency range, and to force a controlled drone landing, without interfering with other mobile signals.

Innovayt helped secure a grant from the Horizon 2020 SME instrument (Phase 1) for a feasibility study, in which MyDefence will perform a deep market analysis in order to complete the business and project plan for the development of DAPS.



“Finally we got through the needles eye and won a H2020 project! Thanks to the good help from Kenneth Glarbo Andersen and his colleagues at Innovayt we maneuvered through the wilderness and won our first grant”

- Dan D. S. Hermansen, Chief Operating Officer at MyDefence

The challenge

Whereas the demand and applications for drones are growing fast these years, drones are also giving rise to increasing security concerns. Therefore, the development of new and efficient tools able to detect and jam civilian drones used for illegal proposes has become a priority. It is thus necessary to demonstrate the efficiency of the DAPS before large-scale commercialization.

The result

With the Phase 1 grant, MyDefence remains well on course for market launch of their innovative drone alarm and protection system (DAPS). Based on a successful Phase 1 project, they will initiate a full innovation project, which will aim at overcoming barriers and challenges connected to introducing DAPS on the security market.


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