Novel Dome-shaped Hydrogel Sensor

Horizon 2020 – SME-instrument: GlucoSet

Client: GlucoSet

GlucoSet AS develops tools for accurate continuous glucose monitoring in Intensive Care Units, to reduce patient mortality and hospital costs. GlucoSet has developed a disruptive sensor that allows physicians in the ICU to accurately monitor blood glucose levels in real-time, enabling better therapeutic decisions. Built on a strong IP portfolio and an established technology, GlucoSet is an intravascular optical fibre sensor – with unrivalled user-friendliness and portability – designed to be inserted through an artery catheter already installed in most ICU patients and without disrupting the current use of that catheter.

Innovayt assisted GlucoSet with the writing and development of the proposal that was approved for funding by the European Horizon 2020 SME Instrument – Phase 1. This grant will allow the company to perform a feasibility study in order to quantify GlucoSet’s competitive advantages, market potential, validate and specify a clinical and regulatory strategy.



“When we were looking for a grant application consultancy, our primary concern was that they would take the upfront fee and not contribute to actually making the application succeed. We never regretted picking Innovayt; their long-term view on achieving results ensures our interests are aligned with theirs, which is key to why we succeeded together.

I really enjoyed the fact that Eduardo acted like a project manager and frequently asked for more information. I think the informal and very frequent, often more than daily, communication was key to us finishing such a good application in such a short time.”

- Nicolas Elvemo, General Manager of GlucoSet

The challenge

Blood glucose levels in critically ill patients require close attention by the physicians and nurses in the intensive care units (ICU) because these patients spontaneously develop hyperglycaemia and increased variability of blood glucose. Unexpected drops in blood glucose are frequently caused by over-administration of insulin – exposing patient´s lives to dangerous hypoglycaemic episodes. The GlucoSet technology is more accurate than other glucose sensing technologies because of the patented solution that allows measurements accuracy of gel length changes in the range of nanometres.

The result

GlucoSet has the potential to be the first real-time monitoring system for the measuring of glycaemia from arterial blood, which offer several advantages over central venous access such as higher accuracy and sensibility, less risk of interference from infusions, and much more convenient use. With a two-phase approach, GlucoSet will be able to, first, assess the feasibility and market potential of the new concept and, second, design, test and validate a viable and optimal business model.


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