Horizon 2020 – SME-instrument: Dupont Lightstone

Horizon 2020 – SME-instrument: Dupont Lightstone

Client: Dupont LightStone Aps

Danish SME Dupont Lightstone have combined light and concrete to create a new intelligent building material that comes alive as it transports light through itself. It can transfer daylight into dark windowless rooms and transform entire buildings into bright shape shifting sculptures. As perhaps the most revolutionary feature, it even has the ability to produce a live image on its surface.

The solution will represent step-change innovation in the digital outdoor advertising industry – end entail a series of strong and obvious benefits for the end-users, including lower total cost of ownership than current offers due to its resistance to vandalism and low service and maintenance costs.

The concept and technology is based on concrete and polymer optics and it works by carefully positioned optics embedded in the concrete, which allows a live image or natural daylight to be transmitted through the material appearing directly on the concrete surface. The technology was developed in a consortium led by Dupont Lightstone and funded by EU’s 7th Framework Programme.

With this technology, Dupont Lightstone now wants to address a major market opportunity in the supply of large, concrete multimedia displays primarily for outdoor digital signage and commercial applications.

Innovayt has assisted Dupont Lightstone in matching this ambition with potential funding sources and subsequently in the preparation of an application for a feasibility study to be co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Phase 1 SME Instrument. The project was the first Danish ICT project to be granted by the instrument.


“Innovayt’s help has been key to our success in obtaining EU funding. The grant funding world is a jungle, and as an SME you need to focus on your core business idea and let experts help you in understanding the grant instrument and in facilitating your application. Innovayt has proven to be real experts at that.”

- Bo Jacobsen, CEO and funder of Digital LightStone

The challenge

From the current prototype of Dupont Lightstone’s promising technology and to actual market introduction, several challenges remain, such as reaching the optimal production setup and business models.

The result

The expected outcome of the feasibility study is the identification of possible production paths, and feasible business models, to be further tested and adapted in a subsequent innovation project (SME Instrument phase 2). This will eventually lead to the introduction of a ground-breaking new type of digital signage that puts a live image directly on building surfaces like floors, sidewalks, interior walls or facades.


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