EUDP – Dantherm Power

EUDP – Dantherm Power

Client: Dantherm Power A/S

Fuel cells (FCs) represent a promising energy technology, providing a number of important advantages over conventional energy supplies in that they are carbon free, can run continuously without recharging, and eliminate distribution losses.  Nevertheless, large investments in R&D and demonstration trials are still required before widespread market uptake of the technology can be realised.

The REST project, co-funded by the Danish EUDP programme and initiated by Dantherm Power, a commercial developer of FC based power systems, addresses the further development and testing of three early market applications for FC technology, integrated in one common production platform. By taking advantage of production synergies with this platform, supply costs are considerably reduced and market introduction of FC based energy will be greatly helped.

One of the three applications, for the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) segment, provides heat and electricity with significant environmental advantages, especially in terms of reduced CO2 emissions, and can therefore be a vital component in de-carbonizing residential sectors. Two other applications, “Home Generator” and “Supplemental Power”, target un-electrified communities in rural parts of South Africa, where many areas are without grid connection or are liable to power black outs.

The REST project provides a large opportunity for the Danish FC industry and establishes a frontrunner position in an attractive emerging market. Ultimately, the project contributes on a national and international level to the stabilization of energy prices, export of new technologies, and creation of jobs.

The core partnership for the project comprises Dantherm Power and Aarhus University, with the addition of Anglo in South Africa. In this way, the partnership includes all core competences required – from an established supply chain network of FC technologies (Dantherm Power), access to end-users (Anglo), and first-class Academic knowledge in crucial areas to the development of the project (Aarhus University).

Innovayt A/S assisted the project partners with the preparation of a successful proposal for the EUDP funding instrument.


“We have worked with Innovayt on numerous occasions when preparing funding applications, and have always been highly satisfied with their services.”

Per Balslev, Director, Business Development, Dantherm Power A/S

The challenge

To develop a common platform for the production of fuel cell based energy, with the objective to lower production prices and raise market uptake.

The result

With the significant funding obtained from EUDP, Dantherm Power managed to undertake the necessary development and testing activities for fuel cell based energy production, important for a future widespread market uptake of fuel cell technologies.


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