Vinnova - EMTW

Vinnova - EMTW

Client: EMTW

Road and railway maintenance is strongly associated with problems of heavy, dangerous and demanding conditions, especially on highways where traffic speeds are high and safety measures are obligatory and extensive. Today, these maintenance operations frequently require several vehicles (with different functionalities) and a team of workers involved in large and challenging logistic operations. The typical procedure involves local traffic authorities and is resource consuming and dangerous.

The EMTW vehicle will be able to assist workers on a large number of operations through a customized kit of tools stowed on the vehicle and will have unrivalled mobility. With its unique patented wheels controlling system, the vehicle can reach the site at normal traffic speeds, and climb fences and ditches at the same time as being operated comfortably and safely on sloping terrains. One EMTW vehicle could do the work of 10 ordinary vehicles, which means significantly lowering operational costs and maintenance costs for roads and railways as well as increased safety for road workers and less congestion in traffic and fewer accidents. A prototype has already been constructed (see picture).

Innovayt helped in obtaining Phase 1 funding for the EMTW project. After first being rejected by EUs SME Instrument due to high competition, an application was forwarded to Swedish innovation fund Vinnova. In the funded SME Phase 1 project, a feasibility study will be carried out as well as fine-tuning of specification.


"From the beginning, Innovayt has demonstrated expert knowledge in working with our funding applications. Our original application for the EU Instruments was clearly of high quality, and passed all thresholds threshold, but unfortunately didn’t get funded. Resubmitting our application and receiving full funding from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova has proven Innovayt’s ability to deliver. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

- Wiktor Andersson, EWTW


To see a short video on how EMTW will operate in action, click here.

The challenge

EMTW Production AB together with Timars Svets & Smide AB are developing an all-terrain vehicle that could make the operations of road and railway maintenance safer and less costly as well as more effective. Estimated costs in EU for road expenditure is 1 % of total GDP, whereas maintenance costs stand for 20-40% of this number.

The result

The EMTW project was granted full funding in the SME Instrument Phase 1 under Vinnova, the Swedish government agency for innovation and R&D funding. The next step is an extensive feasibility study, and further fine-tuning of specification for the prototype. The development of the final EMTW vehicle will contribute to great improvements in efficiency in its market, as one EMTW vehicle will be able to substitute the work of 10 ordinary road maintenance vehicles.


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