Market Development Fund - Noliac

Market Development Fund - Noliac

Client: Noliac A/S

Noliac A/S is a Danish SME, which since its foundation in 1997 has grown into a world leading developer and producer of piezoelectric technology. Piezoelectricity concerns the appearance of an electrical charge in certain materials when subjected to mechanical pressure, and vice versa.

The applications of piezo technology are legion, and often hold numerous advantages for end-users. However, as the technology frequently represents a radical shift from conventional approaches, clients are not always ready to adopt piezo straight away. When evaluating new potential piezo applications, Noliac is therefore looking to convince potential users of the known benefits of piezo with regard to reduced size and cost, improved energy efficiency, non-magnetism, and the like.

In the FutureLED project, Noliac used these advantages, in conjunction with the funding opportunity presented by the Market Development Fund, to persuade a major producer of LED lighting fixtures to join Noliac’s project and test out the advantages of piezo technology for their power supply units. In the project, a work programme was implemented focusing on market maturation of Noliac’s technology within the LED fixture producer’s processes, testing and adapting a novel solid state transformer based on piezo technology and preparing it for full adoption in the fixture production process.

Innovayt helped Noliac in matching their idea with potential funding sources, and subsequently supported Noliac A/S in securing a grant of close to 4 million DKK from the Danish Market Development Fund for the project.


“We have used Innovayt’s services several times and are very satisfied – so far all of our innovation projects have received funding. This grant from the Market Maturation Fund is strategically important for the further up-scaled demonstration and market breakthrough of our novel solid state transformer“.

- Bjørn Andersen, CTO & Founder of Noliac A/S

The challenge

To demonstrate the many benefits of switching from conventional power supply to piezo technology for LED fixture producers, and thereby open up an attractive market segment for Noliac A/S

The result

Through a Demonstration project co-funded by the Market Development Fund, Noliac implemented their piezo based transformer in the process of a major LED fixture producer. For Noliac, this meant the realization of a highly attractive business opportunity. For end-users, this has paved the way for cheaper, smarter and longer-lasting LED light fixtures in the future.


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