Innovation Fund Denmark: Radiometer

Innovation Fund Denmark: Radiometer

Client: Radiometer A/S

Founded in 1935, Danish company Radiometer A/S has been a pioneer in blood gas testing, introducing the world’s first commercially available blood gas analyser in 1954. Today,Radiometer is a leading provider of technologically advanced acute care solutions that simplify and automate all phases of acute care testing. Radiometer offers solutions for blood gas analysis (BGA), transcutaneous monitoring and immunoassay testing for cardiac, coagulation, infection and pregnancy markers.

One problem with BGA in Point of Care is socalled hemolysis of the blood samples in pre-analytic steps. Hemolysis is the rupture of the erythrocytes (red blood cells) with consequent release of their constituents into the blood plasma. The detection of hemolysis in a patient’s blood sample will frequently indicate the presence of a serious medical condition, e.g. parasitic infections or autoimmune disorder, requiring urgent medical treatment. Hemolysis of a sample also has an interfering effect on vital blood parameters such as K+ and Ca2+, often causing incorrect measurements.

Currently there is no fast Point of Care solution for detecting hemolysis. This is a problem in contexts where fast, reliable diagnosis is critical, e.g. in various hospital departments such as neonatal units, intensive care units and emergency rooms.

In the HemoPoC project, Innovayt helped Radiometer in matching their idea - for a fast, reliable detection of hemolysis that can be integrated in future Point of Care blood gas analysers - with potential funding sources. Subsequently, Innovayt supported Radiometer in securing a grant of close to 13 million DKK from the Danish Innovation Fund Denmark. The Optofluidics group at DTU Nanotech, led by Anders Kristensen, was chosen as an Academic project partner, as they are world leading in micro fabrication and detection of minute concentrations of constituents in solution, using optical techniques. DTU Nanotech will be employing 2 fulltime PhDs that will work on the project.


“We have used Innovayt’s services to facilitate the implementation of our innovation project  and are very satisfied with the results. This grant from Innovation Fund Denmark is strategically important for bringing the hemolysis detection technology closer to market. Furthermore it has provided us with a strategic partnership with DTU Nanotech that has R&D potential far beyond this project“

Frank Nielsen, R&D Manager at Radiometer

The challenge

The overall challenge for Radiometer was to develop and demonstrate a fast, reliable method for Point of Care detection of hemolysis to be integrated in Radiometer’s family of blood gas analysers, in order to further improve patient care.

The result

Through the grant application for Innovation Fund Denmark, Radiometer secured a grant of 13 million DKK, and forged a partnership with DTU Nanotech which will maximize their chance of arriving at a marketable technology to overcome the hemolysis problem.


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