i-Facilitator CDEU

i-Facilitator CDEU

For the ninth year running, Innovayt is contracted by Central Denmark EU Office for an i-Facilitator project aimed at mobilising companies from the Central Denmark Region to participate in EU funding programmes for research and innovation. In the project, Innovayt takes the role of advisor and facilitator, presenting possible funding opportunities and providing companies with necessary tools and knowledge for the application writing process.

Over the years, the iFacilitator project has generated tremendous results in creating innovation and growth in local SMEs in Central Denmark. In 2017 alone, 140 local companies were screened in order to assess their innovation potential and eligibility for EU funding schemes. This resulted in total funding of 5.5 Million Euro for companies in Central Denmark.

Similar results have been created in previous years. During the project’s first year (2009), Innovayt screened 112 companies, generating 11 EU applications in the process, of which 7 were approved, and EU funding of more than 6.5 Million Euro was granted for Central Denmark companies and institutions.

The accumulated funding over the years to Central Danish companies and institutions, generated by the iFacilitator, amounts to close to 37 million Euro in EU grants.

In late 2017, Innovayt won a tender process for the continuation of the iFacilitor project until 2019 and will remain as the lead supplier of consulting services for the project in the coming years.

The challenge

For governmental bodies, industry associations and the like, a key challenge is to stimulate local companies in their innovation activities, in order to create local growth.

The result

The i-Facilitator method has proven to be an ideal approach to mobilising local SMEs in the Central Denmark region for innovation, raising a total close to 37 million Euro in EU grants for 66 projects, over nine years.


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