Horizon2020 - SME Instrument: Suntherm

Horizon2020 - SME Instrument: Suntherm

Danish SME Suntherm ApS was founded with the purpose of developing a heating system that addresses the demand for CO2 neutral heating solutions for households. Suntherm has successfully developed a battery that is able to store large quantities of thermal energy (heat), and deliver it instantly to households. This battery is the main component in Suntherm’s innovative heat storage system, SmartHeat.

In the EU, 75% of the fuel used for heating and cooling systems are fossil fuels, and these are burned in inefficient, conventional heating systems. Considering the need to decrease global warming, the EU is adopting policies for the replacement and efficient improvement of heating equipment in buildings and the increased generation of renewable energies, which will cut the dependence on imported fossil fuels. Key enablers for this transition will be storage systems able to store energy when it is available and release it again when needed. Current storage systems, however, are subject to limited efficiency, limited capacity and heat management deficiencies.

With its SmartHeat system, Sunterm has come up with an integrated and ground-breaking heating system whose main component is an innovative heat storage battery. The patented battery is able to cost-efficiently store heating which is optimized for zero emissions. The power-to-heat hybrid system is composed of a 25 kWh heat storage battery which can be connected to well-established heat sources like solar thermal/photovoltaic collectors, smart grid enabled heat pumps and cloud-based management. The system is able to replace the inefficient and CO2 emitting oil burners of many European households, and could yield energy bill savings of up to 80 percent, compared to conventional oil burners.

Innovayt has helped Suntherm secure a total grant of 1.6 Million Euro through the EUs SME Instrument (Phase 1 and 2) for SmartHeat in 2016 and 2017. Phase 1 of this funding involves business planning for the concept, whereas Phase 2 funding covers activities such as demonstration, and piloting of the system, readying it for full market introduction. 

The challenge

Inefficient heating systems in European households emit large quantities of CO2, while simultaneously incurring massive costs on European citizens. It is recognized that efficient storage of electricity and heat solutions is a key component in overcoming these issues, but so far, very little progress has happened in these areas.

The result

Suntherm has developed a heating system that effectively and cost-efficiently is able to store heat. The SmartHeat system stands out as having a heat release capacity above any other heating storage unit available. SmartHeat will allow households to save up to 80% on energy bills, compared to conventional oil burners.


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