Hemispherian x Innovayt // Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector

Hemispherian AS was founded in Norway in 2015 and is a recent entrant in the oncology therapeutics market. Based on patented discoveries from the University of Oslo, Hemispherian now aims at advancing the clinical roadmap of a new family of compounds with chemotherapeutic properties for highly aggressive brain tumours. Leveraging on its very promising results and understanding of mode of action, Hemispherian was now looking for grant funding to support its preclinical trials in animal and cell models. This is an essential research stage in the development pathway of any new drug prior to reaching human clinical trials.

In the Summer of 2020, Hemispherian and Innovayt partnered to prepare a funding proposal for the Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector (Innovasjonsprosjekt I Næringslivet, IPN) managed by the Research Council of Norway. As a result, Hemispherian was able to secure a grant of 14.6 million NOK to conduct all mandatory research tasks prior to entering human trials. This is now the second grant that Innovayt helped Hemispherian secure in 2020.

Based on the positive collaboration between project partners and Innovayt, the feedback from Hemispherian’s executive team was:

Innovayt’s grant writing team was able to identify the elements that are necessary for a positive evaluation. Their team expertly worked through these points with the entire consortium to ensure a successful grant application.

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