Before Application

Prior to application writing, a validation of the client’s project idea for the selected grant programme should always take place. The validation process ensures that the project idea holds sufficient novelty and conforms to requirements of the selected programme.

In this phase, Innovayt’s activities typically include one or more of the following:

• Program validation: Analysis of the project idea’s fit with the selected programme.

• Rules of participation: Analysis of compliance with formal requirements, e.g. special participant profiles, partner requirements, company size, etc.

• Contact to program owners to discuss project idea (pre-validation)

• Technology validation: Examination of the project’s novelty level

The result of the validation phase is a comprehensive analysis of the project idea’s match with the grant  programme. In case of a mismatch, the validation process can serve as a basis for the selection of an alternative programme or for adaptation of the project idea. In some cases, the validation phase may lead to dismissing or postponing the project idea for grant funding.

As such, a thorough validation optimises the chance of a successful application, even before the actual drafting begins. Alternatively, in the case of mismatch, the validation phase saves time and costs associated with the preparation of a grant application, which is not likely to be succesful.

Innovayt’s business model for application writing takes the scenario of a potential mismatch into account - allowing for the process to either continue, shift direction, or stop after the validation phase. In this way, we make sure to maximize the chance of funding as well as mitigate the economical risk of our clients when working on project ideas for grant funding.

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