Our story

Innovayt was founded in 2006 by a group of partners coming together from diverse backgrounds in innovation policy, grant financing, and management consulting.

Since then, the company has grown and reached a leading position in its home markets of Scandinavia and Portugal. Meanwhile, a number of highly qualified consultants have been added to Innovayt ranks, holding research and technology skills at Doctoral level covering all major Academic disciplines.

From the outset, Innovayt was founded on the idea of helping clients create value through innovation. Namely, by offering clients such as companies and universities help for preparing winning proposals for EU and national grant programmes within research and innovation. This still constitutes Innovayt’s core business, and our backlog of applications and grants won has increased heavily as the company has grown and expanded geographically.

Over the years, demand for Innovayt’s services has gradually expanded from grant applications, and the range of assignments undertaken has widened. In recent years, a number of projects focusing on SME mobilisation (i-Facilitator) and permanent assistance to companies and organisations around innovation funding (i-Generator) has been solved. This has established i-Facilitator and i-Generator as product areas alongside i-Funding (applications). All assignments undertaken by Innovayt, however, still remains within the realm of innovation consulting.

Also, over time our client base has expanded and diversified from SMEs, now also including a large number of European universities, research organisations, and multinational companies.

Today, Innovayt has a permanent staff of 27 consultants, with offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Braga (Portugal).