– Exploratory Award for EU application writing

This Danish program offers support to SMEs, Large Enterprises, and research institutions in Denmark for preparing consortia and applications for the EU Framework programme (Horizon Europe) and other joint European research programmes.

EUopSTART has the overall purpose of helping Danish entities apply for EU funding from Horizon Europe and a number of other international funding programmes.

Specifically, EUopSTART can partially reimburse costs incurred while preparing an EU application, such as time spent by the applicant; travel expenses; or costs related to consultants helping with the EU application.

Commercial opportunities

The program eases access for Danish entities to substantial EU funding sources for R&D by lowering the cost of preparing EU applications.

Funding available

Typically, a grant of up to DKK 50.000 is available for proposal preparation. For those taking the role of coordinator in an EU consortium, the maximum grant, typically, is DKK 75,000.

Costs directly related to application writing are eligible, including hours spent, external consultancy assistance, travel, etc. Applicants can receive up to 50% funding. 

Type of activity

EU Application writing


EUopSTART grants are awarded for projects that benefit Danish research and innovation, and which will be conducted by public or private sector enterprises and research institutions resident in Denmark. Proof of a submitted EU application or invitation for EU negotiations will be required for the transfer of the grant.

At least three partners in the proposed EU project are required for EUopSTART funding. The EIC Accelerator (SME instrument) and Eurostars are, however, exempt from this requirement.

Special requirements: SMEs applying should be at least 1 year old, and have generated a minimum turnover of DKK 1 million, and/or have at least 2 full-time employees. 


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