Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP)

GUDP is a Danish funding programme which offers support to projects oriented towards the green transition of the economy. The projects are expected to develop and/or demonstrate new ways of thinking about business within the food industry through a dynamic cooperation between green and economic sustainability.

The GUDP programme is well-suited for enterprise-driven and business-oriented ideas within the food, fishery, agriculture, and related sectors. The project idea must have considerable market potential as well as positive environmental impact, and the enterprise must be in need of completing a number of development and demonstration activities before the idea is market ready. In addition, projects are assessed based on their potential for creating new Danish jobs.

Applications to GUDP can comprise:

  • Development – including the development of new technologies, prototypes and the completion of necessary tests in operational environments
  • Application-oriented research – when this is a necessary means to achieving development and demonstration targets
  • Demonstration – with the purpose of spreading knowledge on the use of research and/or development activities
  • Networking – with the purpose of mapping and clarifying barriers as well as creating the foundation for close and trustful cooperation

Commercial opportunities

GUDP particularly supports commercially driven project ideas with the participation of private enterprises, including SME’s, but may also include research institutions as participants. The overall target of the project is the commercialization of the project results by the participating partners.

Funding available

GUDP supports development, demonstration, and network projects. The individual application can typically receive a total grant of 1-15 million DKK. Applying enterprises are typically granted 50% of eligible costs in the total project budget.

Type of activities: R&D, Demonstration


GUDP emphasizes the business potential of the projects, alongside their ability to create growth and employment and finally the project’s ability to include multiple links within the value chain.

GUDP prioritizes projects that focus on the dynamic cooperation between sustainability, efficiency and economical value-added – and the selection process makes use of evaluation criteria directly related to these. In addition, projects must be in alignment with GUDP’s 2019-2022 strategy.

Special requirements

GUDP applications are assessed on six parameters, four concerning green sustainability and two concerning economic sustainability. It is a requirement that the projects have an effect on at least one green and one economic parameter.


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